The safety mechanism is activated when the voltages from the batteries go below a certain level. This will affect how the audio device emits white noise. The sound from the audio device will then be perceived as strange and can be perceived as if the audio device is broken. Fortunately, this is normal when the batteries are getting bad.

Some typical characteristics that may occur: it turns off automatically after a few seconds, it turns off automatically after a while, sleep mode does not work, non stop mode does not work, can not change volume, and more.

To get the audio device out of safety mode, we recommend replacing the batteries with new AAA batteries. The best thing is to buy brand new batteries that have not been stored at home for a long time. This because the batteries may be bad when stored at home even if they are unused.

If the audio device is still perceived as strange, it may be because it is still in security mode. The solution to this is then turning on and off the audio device until it works properly.

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