It's not too late :)

We have had several parents with older children who have used myHummy and have been happy with myHummy. We can not guarantee that it will give an effect, but there is a good chance it will do so :)

I would recommend you myHummy with audio device that has sleep sensor. The audio device with sleep sensor has 2 modes that you can choose between. Sleep Mode plays white noise for 1 hour and then goes into idle mode. If your child starts to wake up, making sounds (sound of the voice or moving restless in bed), then the audio device activates and play white noise for a few minutes and then returns back to idle mode. Non-Stop Mode plays white noise uninterruptedly for 12 hours.

There are many things to consider when the child is having trouble sleeping, but white noise usually helps. White noise is also used by adults, especially if they live in a noisy area. This because white noise masks away other noise.